Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sousaphones and Tubas: The jokes of the advertising world... (or are they?)

above: if Buddy Rich were to switch instruments, at least he would have good taste...

In advertising and movies Tubas and Sousaphones are usually used as comic relief. Here are a few examples of Tubas and Souasphones in advertising. 

above: from Capri Sun's Disrespectoids campaign

On a previous blog post I wrote a little about Sousaphone Simon.  Simon's story is explained in detail from their wiki: 

"Simon Timpanelli is a tuba player in a marching band. He was extremely talented at playing tuba. Simon was jealous of another tuba player named Susie Violini. He was fed up with Susie always trying to kiss up to the band leader, Stan Mandolini, to make Simon look bad. So while Susie was practicing, Simon secretly dropped his Capri Sun into Susie's tuba. Unfortunately for Simon, sabatoge was a super stupid idea! Simon's neck turned into a sousaphone, keeping his normal head sticking out of the wide end, and keeping his normal body. Now he is known as Sousaphone Simon."

above: ACEA "rhythm" ads

The Italian public utility company ACEA put out a few advertisements with the caption at the top reading "Get the right rhythm for your water bills." I think this particular ad is great.  

above: Can you find the Sousaphone?

In 2009 First Bank ran three different ads similar to this one with a sort of "Where's Waldo" style to them with an obvious answer. The other two used a komodo dragon and a submarine instead of a Sousaphone. The caption in the lower left corner reads "Find the sousaphone to win free checking." 

above: I love that "for strength" is in lower case...oh sweet irony

According to some beer connoisseurs, this is Guinness ad #41.  This is one of those ads where Tubas or Sousas become "Suessian" creatures.  

I am sure that there are MANY more ads that I have missed. Do you know of any? Please share if you do!


 above: I LOVE the Ohio State University Marching Band

A reader sent a link to this great Hyundai Sonata commercial. The Ohio State University Marching Band performs the "script Ohio" as part of their pre-game show. This involves the band spelling out "Ohio" in cursive. When this is done a senior Sousaphone player will run out and literally
dot the I in Ohio. This commercial involves a man wanting to live his dream of dotting the I.

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