Monday, November 21, 2011

Yamaha 321 Tuba Bell - Unabusing the abused

 above: top view of Yamaha 321 Tuba
 above: side view of Yamaha 321 Tuba
above: bell view of Yamaha 321 Tuba

(click the photos for a larger view)

Above are before photos of a Yamaha 321 4-valve Tuba. These are used regularly in schools and are frequently abused. Another horn in the shop had a bell with a substantial crack near around the bell rim. Instead of patching it, I suggested popping the bell off of this one I had been keeping for parts and whipping it into shape.  Below are some of the after pictures. The bell isn't completely finished. I still have to even a few wavy spots out, but it looks pretty good. It's a good thing I swept my kitchen floor today...

 above: the front of the bell
 above: This is a different angle. This is bell brace side up.
 above: the bell flare
 above: bottom's up!

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