Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tubas, Alligators and Magicians - Bill Mickelsen on Penn and Teller Tell a Lie

Did you know that alligators respond to BBb played on a contrabass Tuba? True story... you can find out more below. On a recent episode of Penn and Teller Tell a Lie, a new show on the Discovery channel, Penn and Teller ask science questions that all are true, except for one lie. The episode in question asks the "do alligators respond to BBb?" Unfortunately, there is no video available for this episode as of this posting, but I will update it if video becomes available. In the mean time, check out this NPR story called "Have you heard about B flat?"

The main Tuba player from that episode was Bill Mickelsen, the principal Tubist from the Florida Orchestra.  He was kind enough to send me some photos and sheet music from the episode. I will post a follow up interview with Bill later when I get some technical kinks ironed out. 

Here are some photos:
above: Bill Mickelsen and his Kanstul Tuba
 above: shooting the segment
 above: Bill shows the gator whose really got chops!

Learn more about this story from the links below:

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