Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sousaphone in the media: Capri-Sun's Sousaphone Simon

You don't frequently get to see Sousaphones on television but when you do they always seem to be the but of the joke. I am OK with that. In reality the Sousaphone IS a funny thing. I wouldn't be surprised if people confused John Philip Sousa and Dr. Seuss when thinking about who might have had something to do with creating this creature. 

Capri Sun, my favorite drink in a pouch, has a recent ad campaign showing children "disrespecting the pouch" and the adverse consequences of those decisions. The latest is "Sousaphone Simon." A short version of the commercial is posted below:
You can find Capri-Sun's website at the link below to play games and see alternate endings to this scenario.

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