Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Progress - Miraphone 186-4U CC Tuba with the "Presto" levers

above: in progress Miraphone 186-4U 
A new project rolled in the shop this week, a great Miraphone 186-4U CC Tuba from the mid 1980's.  It has the "Presto" lever system which has tension screws on each lever spring and decorative covers for the stop arms. I want to smooth out the bell, bottom bow and 1st branch as much as possible so apart she goes...
Here are some photos before any work has taken place (including the photo at the top).
  The above photo has the dent I call the "karate chop."  Many used 186's have this damage.
Below is a close up image of the levers.
The photo below shows the rotor without the decorative cover:

As you can see, the disc is held on by the stop arm screw and turns with the stop arm. The stop arm bumper plate holds down the cylindrical metal cover.

I will post more photos as I tear into this thing. Let's see how it goes.

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