Friday, May 6, 2011

Oddities - Tiger Sousaphone

Above is a Jupiter fiberglass Sousaphone. This particular image came from an eBay listing in Europe. I cannot make out what the inside of the bell says, but it is plain as day that the paint job is tiger stripes. Let me be the first to say that while this kind of thing isn't for me, that is a nice paint job. The airbrushing looks great from the pictures. 

More on Jupter later...  

and one from the back...

 Thanks to Klaus (imperialbari on the Tubenet message board) for posting this some time ago.

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  1. I have seen decorated horns like that (not exactly) in groups that are sometimes known as Guggenmusik bands - they play for Carnival and Fasnicht parades and parties and other events through the year.

    However, my guess is that this one is from The Netherlands where they call these kind of bands Dweilorkesten (which loosely translates as "mopping the streets - soaking up all the beers...)