Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stolen Tuba (low brass) Database Project

I work for a company that deals heavily in used Tubas and Sousaphones. This means that I am on craigslist/ebay/auction web sites DAILY. Even on the weekends when I am not at the shop. I don't buy everything I come across, but I see a great deal of horns. 

The idea behind this database is that if I find an item that is stolen, I can check my database for the description and serial number then  reconnect the player with their horn.

Here is the information I am putting together:

City and Zip code
Phone number (will be kept private)
 Email (will be kept private)
Serial number 
Finish or other details about your horn
Any other details you would like to provide

I will keep 2 sets of spreadsheets. One that I will publish and one that will be my master sheet. The published list WILL NOT contain email addresses or phone numbers. 

I will also provide my data to all major retailers who deal in Tubas. 

If you have had a horn stolen or have any questions or comments, you can email me at:

or you can call me any time during business hours at my shop
9am - 6pm (central time) M-F
                                             (316) 684 - 0291 - ask for Kevin in the repair shop

Thanks for all the help. Hopefully we can work together to help bring people and their horns back together!

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