Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Not What They Are Known For...Mirafone Sousaphones

above: a recently finished Mirafone Sousaphone

Here is a rare piece for the United States market.  Mirafone (or Miraphone, depending on where and when your horn was originally purchased) is a well known, well respected brass instrument manufacturer, best known for it's Tubas. Mirafone has made a 3 valve and 4 valve Sousaphone. 

First, the dead give away for European construction on a Sousaphone is nickel silver inner and outer slide tubes. Second, the branches are typically smaller on European Sousas than on American made horns.  It should also be mentioned that the braces are all nickel silver and ornately cut like on most German made Tubas.

 You can see where I have added a yellow brass Conn brace for extra strength on the mouth pipe.
As you can see in the above images, the mouth pipe feeds into a tuning slide and through the 5th branch like a pretzel.

Mirafone puts the engraving on the underside of the horn on the bell spout, exactly where it would rub concrete:
The Mirafone is a nice, solid player but not like any American horn you have ever played. It is built with German quality materials and construction. This would be a nice horn for collectors!

Lastly here is a front and back shot:


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