Friday, March 11, 2011

Before and After: Early Conn 14K Sousaphone

above:DIY Conn 14K before pics

Oh boy. This one was a bit of a doozey. I bought the body parts from a friend and happened to have a set of caps, valves, stems, finger buttons and bell so I thought "why not?" The body is from around 1925 and the bell is from the late 1950's. I know this because the serial number on the body is 229XXX and the bell has the lady face engraving. 

So the first step is to clean up the pieces. Due to the quality of my camera, you can't really see the difference, except maybe in the valve cluster.
Then, hours of work which I didn't have the opportunity to photograph for quasi obvious reasons. Here are the final results. 
NOTE: The picture in the background of the blog is a Conn 14K valve cluster that I refinished in the past. 

Bell Flare Diameter: 24"
Bore Size: 0.734"
Bell Collar Diameter: 6"

The Conn 14K's fiberglass brother is the Conn 36K. It has the same specs, only with fiberglass and plastic construction to help with the weight. 

The Conn 14K remained in production until around 1986, when production moved to Eastlake, Ohio. At this point, UMI began producing a King 2350 stencil and labeling it Conn 14K.


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