Thursday, March 24, 2011

After: F.E. Olds and Sons Sousaphone

This picture isn't stellar, but it's ok. I took it with phone and I think I may have smudged the lens when I pulled it from my pocket. It's too bad because I didn't realize the picture was a bit fuzzy until I got home. 

These horns are GREAT players. Even after patching all of the holes, this horn still plays great. It centers very well and is nimble in all registers. 

This horn is a hybrid of sorts. The valve section is basically a copy of an old King 1250. The body is similar to a 14K. The bell is similar in shape and size to a Conn. So with a bore size and valve design of a King, and body of a Conn you get the awesome centered sound of a King and the power and tone of a Conn. This particular horn has a 25" bell flare, but Olds made different bell flares available. 

This horn is also made with thick walled brass, which adds to the sound and durability of the instrument. Unfortunately it also adds to the weight, which is a bit of a downside but the great sound and playability make up for the extra weight you may have to carry. 

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