Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Sousaphone in kids shows - Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr.

Sunday mornings I get up with my 21 month old daughter so my wife can sleep in once a week. We usually make breakfast than watch cartoons for a little bit before we wake up my wife for the days events. Today, Stella was watching a show called "Bubble Guppies." The second episode we watched was almost entirely about MARCHING BAND. There was a great deal of Tuba/Sousaphone references and humor. I was even amazed for once to see the instrument referred to as Sousaphone and not just Tuba. There was a scene where a fish was telling the guppies what the instruments are. "...and a Tuba you march with is called a Sousaphone."
There is then a scene where the guppies are having lunch. "What are you having?" "A TUBA-fish sandwich." (Full disclosure...this made me laugh very hard)

It is refreshing to see marching band cast in a positive light in popular culture, even if it is only just a kids show. Marching band is a tradition that I would like to see flourish, and while I doubt shows like this will have a big impact on that, it is nice to see marching band not represented as something nerdy. 

Here is a youtube clip of the show. The quality isn't stellar but you get the idea.
The episode title is "Ducks in a Row." You can watch the full episode on Or you can click here Bubble Guppies Videos at

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