Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finished Project: Yamaha YSH-411

Above is a Yamaha YSH-411 that I just finished last week. These play comfortably with one tuning bit. Yamaha uses two different tuning bits depending on which production run you have. Any Sousa made before serial number 100,00 uses two tuning bits, each bent at a 45 degree angle. Any Sousa made after serial number 100,00 uses two tuning bits, each bent at a 20 degree angle.  Like I said above, most of them play comfortably with one tuning bit. 

Yamaha has only been producing this model since around 1991.  They have also produced the same horn for Bach under model number 1111. 

Yamaha Sousas have very tight valves and play pretty well.


  1. There's also another variation:
    45 degree and 20 degree

    To truly maximize the overall look, players should use both included bits. When worn properly the bell joint/collar should be parallel with the ground and the bell perfectly flat to front - perpendicular to the ground.

    As I understand it, the Yamaha YSH-411 is mainly based off of a Martin Handcraft 24" bell, although with a two-inch larger bell. The bores are nearly identical as are the bell collar diameters.

  2. As far as I know, Yamaha recommends 2 20 degree bits for horns after serial number 100,000, and 2 45 degree bits for horns before 100,000. The trouble is, using both bits together pushes your head back a bit, and bends your neck. That is what it does to me anyhow.

    I could see how the Yamaha could be based off of a Martin. The bell collar diameter will fit a 20K or 22K bell. The bell is more similar to old King bells that don't have a separate spout and flare. Martin bells had a flare soldered to the spout with a ferrule.