Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two Finished Projects - Fiber Sousas

First up, Conn 22K. The 22K is the Fiberglass version of the Conn 20K. These are great players for fiber horns, probably my favorite. Unfortunately they are no longer in production, but there are still plenty of used Conn 22K's around, and most parts are still available through band instrument repair suppliers.

The main difference between the Conn 36K and the Conn 22K besides the pistons and lower mouth pipe is the rate of taper throughout the bugle past the 4th branch. The Conn 22K opens up much faster than the Conn 36K. Compare the differences below:
                           Conn 36K - Conn 22K
Bell Diameter         24"             26"
Bell Collar               6"              7.25"
Bore Size             0.734"         0.734"
Weight               16 3/4lbs.       23lbs.

I think that the Conn 36K is a great all around instrument, but I think you can get a greater variety of colors out of the Conn 22K. This is just my opinion of course, your experience may vary.

Below are pictures of a recently finished Conn 36K.

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