Monday, January 3, 2011

Sousaphones and high fashion... (or what????)

I did a search on Google looking for something involving Sousaphones and came across this bit of craziness. The link to the source material is here.

Yup. That is a fashion model wearing a Sousaphone that is part of her outfit. Apparently, the designer incorporated the horn in the design.  I don't know anything about fashion, and I don't particularly care about it either, but I get some sort of weird sense of gratification seeing a Sousaphone somewhere it really shouldn't be.

For what it's worth, I believe the horn she is carrying is a Weril J470 Sousaphone, because the fashion show in question is the Sao Paulo fashion week show and Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to Weril. 

Now, this is still a Sousaphone blog so here are the specs on the Weril J470. 

Bell Flare: 25.5"
Bore Size: .730"
Pistons: Nickel plated brass
Features a detachable valve section.

The detachable valve section makes for easy cleaning. I have had a few apart, and they have always gone back together without adjusting any of the braces. 

These horns play well and have a solid sound. If you have a chance to try one out, you should do so. Let me know what your experiences have been with Weril. 

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