Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sousaphone where? - Devotchka

What do you get when mix mariachi, gypsy, punk and indie rock? DeVotchKa. 

DeVotchKa is an awesome band from Denver, Colorado. Many people may know DeVotchKa's music without knowing it as they composed the music for the 2006 movie "Little Miss Sunshine" and also the lead singer Nick Urata composed the score for the upcoming movie "I Love You Phillip Morris."
The music is an interesting melting pot of styles that work really well together. They effortlessly blend eastern European gypsy style with mariachi while capturing the energy of punk and indie rock. 

The instrumentation includes guitar, bass, drums, violin, trumpet, theremin, accordian, percussion and SOUSAPHONE. 

Jeanie Schroder  plays Sousaphone and Double Bass. In the picture at the top she is playing a Conn 14K. In the picture just above she is playing a Jupiter 594 (I think...).

Here are two DeVotchKa videos:

They are definitely worth your time to check out. You can find useful links below:
Free DeVotchKa Concert on NPR's "All Concerts Considered" 
DeVotchKa's official website 
DeVotchKa on Anti Records 


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  1. I saw Devotchka in Boston on my birthday this March, my band Debo was supposed to open for them but that fell through, so I went to see them anyway. Got my photo taken with Jeanie, two sousaphone players who also play string bass. Yeah great band!