Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sousa Weirdness: Real or Fake?

Now time for everyone's favorite game:

Here's how it goes. I will present some weirdness I found and you will decide whether it is real or fake. The internet is lousy with fake non-sense, so some of this stuff should be a no brainer. Here goes...

Answer: REAL
Apparently, Godfrey-Willem Raes has invented a Sousaphone playing robot. I don't know if it plays plays ragtime like an old player piano, but it does function. This may seem funny now, but as the human race we must be careful! Soon Sousa robots will be able to march, then they become terminators! Isn't that how it happened in Terminator: Salvation?


Answer: REAL
Unfortunately the "Hog Collar" isn't real... sort of. This gem was distributed by Ed Strege at Badger State Repair. I think that it was going to be too expensive to mass produce. Ed Strege told me about this device last year sometime. Sounds neat but I predict damaged bells...and players. I would be interested in seeing one in action though.

3. Mythical "Dragon" Sousaphone
Answer: REAL
There is a guy in Indiana that does custom paint and bell work on fiberglass Sousaphones. If anybody know who this is please contact me. This person takes their time and applies great detail to these. I know he has made a few, but they don't turn up often. Here are a few links to a few of these horns in action:

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