Friday, January 21, 2011

Displaying some work...

At the shop, I work on MANY Sousaphones. While we find happy homes for them we need to store them somewhere. We currently hang them from rafters in the ceiling. We currently have so many completed that I had to hang one from the upper rafters! The Sousaphones, from left to right starting with the back row are:
Back: 2 Conn 36K's.
Front: King 2370 Fiber, Conn 22K, Conn 20K, and Reynolds Fiber
Upper: King 2370 Fiber
If you are curious, the Tubas from left to right are:
Miraphone 188-5U CC in gold brass, a demo Conn 5J and a Yamaha 641 BBb
On the top of the cabinet behind the Sousaphones (unvisible in this picture) is an Olds Euphonium made by Schinkelaars in Holland (Now Adams).

There is no real reason for this photo or this information, I just thought it was neat to see all of them cleaned up and together all in a row.

Have you ever seen any creative way to store Sousaphones for display? If so, let me know!

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