Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stuff Found in Sousaphones - Conn 20K

Today, when removing the 2nd branch from this Conn 20K Sousaphone, I found this. It is a foam football. This is the exact spot I found it. If you are wondering, this does make the horn play "stuffy."

This isn't the first item I have ever found in a Sousaphone or Tuba and it certainly won't be the last. Apparently around the shop I work at I have the best luck finding objects in Sousaphones. So far I have found:

  • A foam football
  • 2 wasps nests
  • pictures of an old house
  • a FULL water bottle
  • sheet music and marching charts 
This is a topic that makes me laugh, so I will probably post more pictures of objects as I find them in horns.


  1. best (worst) for my horns was a dried blackbird deep inside a 1918 Conn Helicon - probably put there by a cat in the previous owner's basement.

  2. When I first bought my horn I found 5 blue crayons and almost an entire roll of paper towels in it.

  3. I found a plastic mini football in one and a plastic oil Funnel in another.