Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Francois Thuillier - The best player you've (probably) never heard of

Francois Thuillier
Francois Thuillier is one of my all time favorite Tuba players.  Francois is a famous modern Tuba player in France. He plays a Yamaha YFB-822 F Tuba and a Conn 20K Sousaphone. Please do your self a favor and buy his albums.You won't regret it.

I became familiar with his music when rifling through some used CDs and came across a strange recording called "Frantic Squirrel."

You can find "Frantic Squirrel" here - :Francois Thuillier - "Frantic Squirrel" @

I was immediately floored by his level of technique and style. He plays very effortlessly incorporating feats of technical gymnastics and multi-phonics.  My favorite work from this album is a piece by Andy Emler called, "Tubastone No.1." 

I received a package in the mail on December 24 from a few friends who have a repair shop in France. Enclosed was a signed poster and signed CD from Francois Thuillier! I couldn't have been more excited. The album enclosed was "

Orchestre d'Harmonie de Clermont - "Concerto pour Tuba"

 You can find the album here: Francois Thuillier - Stephane Kregar "Concerto pour Tuba"

Here is a video of Francois on Youtube:

Find Francois on Facebook:Francois Thuillier on Facebook

Find Francois on Myspace:

Francois Thuillier's homepage (in French):

I will post music by Francois in the future. I think more American players need to know about Francois.

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