Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Before: Yamaha YBB - 641

Here we go...next on my list of priorities is a Yamaha YBB-641. This Tuba is one of the earlier models. You can tell because of the "S" shaped rotor linkage arms and the mouth pipe enters the rotor block at an angle.

As you can see, I am missing the number four lever. The replacement part is discontinued, so I will have to retro-fit a modern equivalent. I still have the original linkage bar, so I will try to use the existing piece.

A previous owner had attempted to repair the mouth pipe, which has been ripped in half. It looks like the bell to mouth pipe brace broke and the some torque was applied to the mouth pipe. Whoops...

So somebody put binding wire to hold the parts together, and then put globs of what looks like JB Weld on the pieces to hold them together. It is good news for me that I was going to replace this mouth pipe anyway.

There are some pretty nasty dents on the back of this horn, but I think I can make a significant improvement. I will check back in with my progress. I should be starting this horn soon. I am going to finish a 20K (listed below) and this horn is next. Time to roll up my sleeves!

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